So one of the things that I needed to do when I got to the farm was build a new pole barn for the horses. I put it off for years and finally completed it the other day. The truth? I used YouTube to help!

That’s obviously not the barn that I built… But thanks to YouTube and some encouragement online I was able to do it myself.

I love doing construction! It’s a great feeling to build things. I love home construction, home remodeling, and any type of home renovations that I can do.

My First Day

I moved to Maryland in 2009 and took over my grandparents horse farm. I renamed it Keller Farms and made a commitment to live my life taking care of these majestic creatures.

I owe my life to them. As a young man growing up in San Antonio Texas everyone around me was a cowboy and everyone knew how to ride. A lot of my friends were in the rodeo and I was no different.

But that’s where the similarities and it. I wasn’t like the other Cowboys. I guess you could say I was a bit more “sensitive.” My horses were like family to me.  I took care of them like they were my children.

One day when I was 12 years old one of the horses I was riding broke his leg. The vet said he tried everything but had to put him down. I’ll never forget the tears I cried and the pain I felt over the loss of that special horse. His name was Triton.  And you may think it’s strange, but he was my best friend. It took three years to get over him.

One of the other horses I road was Betty.  She was a pain in the ass and I had a chip on my shoulder because she wasn’t him.

Then one day when I was 16 years old, a girl broke up with me and I thought my life was over. I hopped on Betty and we rode for three hours. I stopped along a creek and I talked to her  like she was a human being. She obviously never said a word, but as God is my witness, I know she understood everything I said.  The bond that it created between us was stronger than anything I had felt before. I truly believe she saved my life.

So that brings us here.  So why am I writing this blog you may ask? Because one of the things I realized when talking to Betty was that nothing call most of the soul more than communicating one’s feelings. Betty is long gone but I’m writing this for her.