Man on a horsSo if you’re on my blog, you probably already know me.  And that makes it a little bit weird that you are reading the “about” page. but if you just stumbled upon this site, here’s a little bit about me.

My name is KOry Kellar and I am a custom homebuilder by trade…but  it’s probably more accurate to describe me as a horse lover. I grew up around horses and rodeos. I’ve ridden them, bred them, raced them,  and cared for them my whole life.

I was born in San Antonio and lived most of my life in Texas. I moved to Potomac, Maryland about seven years ago to raise horses on this huge estate I inherited from my grandparents. I graduated high school… Never went to college… But I have learned more about life from these horses then any professor could have taught me.

I hope to pass on many of these lessons in my blog.